Dongguan Winky Houseware Co. Ltd was formed in the mainland China since 2016.Our corporate ethos : Reliability; quality, innovative and win-win situatiion.Our corporate service ethos : Respect and understanding of customer ideas; facts and sciences.We always endeavour to invest vast amount of resources on R&D in order to improve design and quality of our products.Achieve the market target and satisfy client’ demand.Main production line: Bathroom accessories; soap dispensers; Bathroom set and lotion soap pump.we provided personalized customization service.With the vast experience and knowledge from our workforce, our customers can be confident they are getting highest quality and reliable products at all time.We ensure our products are designed and manufactured in accordance with the highest industry standards and regulations. Our products have obtained several appearance and utility model patents. We design and manufacture our products onsite in the mainland China for distribution throughout the World.We also manufacturing customers OEM and ODM order and always welcoming enquiries from international customers.We are a brand new houseware company located in China and business cover North Amaricia and Europe.

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